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With Moony, you can choose between 2 newborn sizes.

There is only one size for "newborn baby" diapers…? No, not at all!

Each baby's body weight is different upon birth.

But there is only one "newborn size"…?

No, not at all!

If you can choose a diaper that fits your baby's body size, there will be less gaps and have a good fitting, so it can make leaks less of a problem!

"I am using Newborn size, but why is it so baggy?"

"Why does diapers leak?"

This is a must-see for you!

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 5000g)

Such a big difference in diaper size, with weight difference.

For example, if we put a "newborn baby–5,000g" diaper on a baby born at 2,700g…

Newborn–up to 5,000g

Loose, baggy diapers slide off,

making a worry about leaks

Newborn–up to 3,000g

if we put a "Newborn (Birth to 3000g)"diaper on...
Look! It fits perfectly!

In reality, about half of all babies are born under 3,000g.

Population by birth weight

*"Vital Statistics"(2012), Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Some 48.3% of babies are born below 3,000g.

In addition, babies lose weight soon after birth. Because of this, even if born at 3,000g, for several days he/she will be under 3,000g.

The temporary weight loss is gained back in 1-2 weeks.

Changes in body weight after birth

* 1989 ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare study on physical and mental disorders
"Comprehensive study concerning newborn and infant life management methods"

This chart shows normal weight loss of newborns. It is expected that babies lose some weight after birth, and regain this lost weight in 1 or 2 weeks.

Mothers with babies born at 3,000g or under worry about gaps and leaks.

If we put a newborn size diaper on a baby born below 3,000g, it does not fit well, and there may be gaps and leaks.

Moony diapers are designed to have a soft and comfortable fit for delicate, newborn babies

There is a difference in each baby's growth.

"could this diaper be too big?"

"I wonder if this diaper will leak from these gaps?"

In this case,

try our Newborn (Birth to 3000g) diapers!

Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

Frequent refillable 30 diapers

Large volume 64 diapers

Find them in a store near you

or by shopping online!

Diaper size that fits your baby's body

The world's first!*

New,gentle curve that fils the c-shaped curve of a baby's spine!

Rounded fit that is not overly tight

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

* Disposable diaper with angular structure formed by the stretch sheets around the waist and crotch and the cut portion formed in the absorber. On tape-type baby diapers from major global brands

Unicharm research, September 2012