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The History of moony

moony has supported nurturing childcare for 42 years

A mom's smile is a baby’s smile, and a baby’s smile is a mom's smile.

moony wishes to create a moment of loving interaction that makes babies and moms smile.

With advanced technology and compassion for babies and moms, moony has supported nurturing childcare.

1981 moony launched

Supporting delightful childcare for babies and moms

100% Japanese Disposable Diaper (Tape Type)

While pursuing comfort for the baby, moony employs new techniques and ideas to make moms happy, such as the newly developed recessed rectangle, or hourglass shape, which envelopes the entire hips and crotch.

1987 The world's first anti-leakage diaper!

No leakage! Say goodbye to rashes and dampness.

Ultra moony 3D Gather

moony is equipped with the 3D Gather around the waist and legs for the first time in the world. The gather adds more breathability and prevents rashes and dampness.

1992 The World's First Pants Style moonyman!

Easy diaper change
while standing

Disposable Pants Style Diaper moonyman

As the world’s first pants style diaper that can be changed while standing, moonyman makes it extremely easier to change diapers for toddlers.

2001 A relaxing, comfortable diaper

The first in Japan!
The first pants style diaper
for crawling babies

moonyman for crawling babies

The stretchable waist makes diaper changes easier, and active crawlers freer.

2008 A diaper as comfortable as underwear

Comfortable and
Slim Pants Style Diaper are Great also Outside

Slim Pants Style moonyman

While maintaining the absorption level, Slim Pants Style moonyman are half the thickness of conventional products*, making them more portable. *According to the comparison study conducted by Unicharm Corporation with its previous products

2013 - A soft and perfectly snug fit to prevent leakage

Gentle fit without tightening

3D Shape moony Air Fit

moony’s original diaper design, a soft and perfectly snug fit, answers a mom’s wish of wanting to prevent leakage without pinching the baby’s delicate skin.

もれなく、しあわせ。 もれなく、しあわせ。