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Moony for NICU

Moony for NICU Moony for NICU

Diapers that fit low birth weight babies

Made for the most delicate of babies, these disposable diapers are positioned carefully to care for infants.

Infant up to 5,000g


up to 5,000g

3S Infant~3,000g



4S up to 1,500g


up to 1,500g

5S up to 1,000g


up to 1,000g

Flat type up to 1,000g

Flat type

up to 1,000g

*Designs may vary.

We want to fit the growth of all babies

At a NICU, we are there to help you and your family raise this small but precious life that everyone is working hard to raise.

We created Moony for babies that are born small.

These new perforated diapers fit to their small bodies perfectly and aren't a hassle at all to change.

We're there with you and your baby.

Created with certified nurses!※2

90% of midwives said they felt great to the touch

  • *
    Data from Unicharm research
    Rated by 96 midwives that touched the diapers
  • *1
    from 2019 Unicharm research of 8 regions in 42 Japanese prefectures
  • *2
    for flat type, 5S, and 4S sizes

For low birth weight babies
2 ways to support your baby's firsts

  • *3
    Patent 5690966 Basic perforation patent. Found on sizes 4S and 5S.
  • *4
    Patent 5753939 Patent for absorbent body that fits to positioning. Found on sizes 4S and 5S.
  • *5
    Company conventional ratio


Support for "minimal handling"

Low birth weight babies should not be touched any more than necessary. We've designed our products to help support their care.

  • *
    November 2014 Unicharm research on diapers for low birth weight babies by major global brands

Perforated construction for minimal handling

Possible to change in face-down position

You can rip the perforations with minimal effort.

  • *
    Company conventional ratio

Protects limbs from slipping out

The absorbent front and back are wide, and it's thinner between the legs. This helps to preserve a neutral position of their limbs.

The ideal position is the bottom and the soles of the feet to be in the same line!

Hugs limbs correctly

The crotch area is snug so that it's easy to understand where the baby's bottom is, hugging their knees correctly.


Support for "positioning"

It's widely known that the right positioning can support healthy body and brain growth, and also influence their attachment formation to their mother. These are constructed to preserve the correct positioning.

Cute designs perfect for small babies

For extremely low weight babies
Guide to flat type diapers


Support for "minimal handling"

Tape diapers

When changing a baby's diaper, you need to lift up their waist high.

Reduces the burden on babies when changing diapers Reduces the burden on babies when changing diapers

Moony Flat

Since this diaper has a compact length, you don't need to stick in a lot of length. That means you don't need to lift up their waist when changing.


Support for "positioning"

Current state*

Diapers that are stiff or have wide absorption areas can let limbs slip out.

Protects limbs from slipping out Protects limbs from slipping out

Moony Flat

The area between the legs is slim and the diaper is soft, so it preserves the position of your baby's limbs.

*Diaper with tape off

moony Support for Small Lives Project

The Support for Small Lives Project

We work to provide a better environment and society for families raising a child born in the NICU.

Every birth is a miracle

Currently, about 1 million babies are born in Japan annually.

Each and every baby's body, personality, and appearance is different.

To be blessed with this miracle of life is a truly wonderful thing.

And the process of childbirth is something that families, nurses, midwives, doctors, and so many people create.

You could say it's a miracle that everyone works together to create.

Thank you to this small but growing life.

ーVoices of Gratitude from Moms and Dadsー

I've realized the magnitude of life.
I watched this with my daughter.
Thank you so much.

This made me cry after a hard morning.
The baby worked so hard, too.
This really moved me.

My twins went to a NICU when they were born. The NICU was always a warm and calming place.
My babies tried their best, so I did as well. It made me experience the will to live as they grew day by day.
Moms, don't push yourselves too hard; trust your baby and overcome it together. Your baby is certainly proud of you.

The NICU/GCU took care of my child for about one month.
I felt so guilty for them being born so small, but with the help of the NICU doctors and nurses, we were able to be discharged safely.
You probably panic when you hear "NICU" but it's a place where they will give your baby and your family nothing but comfort and support with their thorough care.
Ask them anything if you feel the least bit worried. They'll give you reassuring words.


Cute designs for the flat sheet type

Product Lineup

Moony for NICU

Moony for NICU Flat Type


For even gentler diapers for babies

When you're discharged