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Nice to meet you! My name is moony-chan.♪

moony-chan is a baby's best friend.
I can tell moms about the feelings of babies.

text-1 Name


(I have different names in other countries.)

Height text-1

I am smaller than a baby. ♥

text-1 Birthday

July 7

(This is the birthday of Nana-chan.)

Hometown text-1


(I was born in Nana-chan’s house.)

text-1 Special Abilities

Making babies smile, singing, dancing, floating in the air, understanding the feelings of babies, speaking any language in the world.

moony-chan's character

Happy and cheerful, moony-chan is always trying to please moms and babies.

moony-chan helps busy moms by always watching and playing with the babies by their sides.

But he is not always perfect, sometimes he makes mistakes.

Birth Story

Where is moony-chan from?