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moony is designed for babies

The most comfortable diaper filled with features just right for each stage of growth

Point 1

The power of the fit gathers adjusts it perfectly! You don't need to adjust it to prevent leaks.(Newborn, S only)

The power of the fit gathers adjusts it perfectly! You don't need to adjust it to prevent leaks.

Point 2

Tailored to the round shape of bone structure of baby's body, so it roundly fits, but not overly tight.

Point 3

Because the back part is wholely stretchable, it can fit well and causes no gap at back and fully prevent leakage♪

(newborn and S size only)

Point 4

Because it touches delicate babies. Moony is very soothing to the touch.

The first time to change diaper video

* The diaper in this video uses "Natural Moony".

Happy switch-About feelings of changing diapers-

Happyのswitch – おむつ替えへの想い- Happyのswitch – おむつ替えへの想い-

* These illustrations are examples of the diaper design.

Changing diapers every day is troublesome.

One may think one has just finished changing the diaper, but the baby may have again dirtied the diaper..

Newborn babies have difficultly in communication. And will just cry. Mom and dad may feel lost ...

But, we wanted Moony to speak for the feelings of a baby who cannot talk.

We put the feelings of the baby into the diaper.

Diaper change will become fun and happy..

And one can not wait until the next diaper change.

Moony's diaper can that make one feel like this.

* The message is printed only on tape type for newborns (from birth-3000g), for newborns (from birth-5000g)

and S size.

泣いている赤ちゃんを見ると ママ・パパまで悲しくなるのは赤ちゃんの気持ちにママ・パパ本人が影響されるため。

Looking at a crying baby

The reason mom and dad feel sad is that mom and dad are influenced by the feelings of the baby.

(Mirror neuron is a mirror-like brain action that automatically understands "others' actions = my actions".)

そこで文字を読み、赤ちゃんが嬉しいんだ!と ママ・パパが分かることでママ・パパも幸せな気分に。

With this, reading the words, if mom and dad realize that the baby is truly feeling“happy”, then, mom and dad will feel happy.

We have developed this product to change diapers from “must change” to “want to change”.


Changing diapers is an irreplaceable time for skinship with the baby.

We hope Moony will able to help and support in having happy moments.

Product Lineup

moony (Tape type)

Size Chart

Weight Product Baby Stage
Birth to 3kg
moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)


Just born


Birth to 5kg
moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 5000g)

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 5000g)


Just born


moony (Tape type) S size

moony (Tape type) S size

Kicking legs stage

Toddles feet


moony (Tape type) M size

moony (Tape type) M size

Roll over , Sitting and crawling stage

tossing and turning, sitting down

Loose and Soft stool

moony (Tape type) L size

moony (Tape type) L size

Standing, walks unsteadily

Standing, walks about some


Diapers that are the most sensitive towards babies

when baby can sit / crawl