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Product Information

Gentle to newborn skin

Moony Natural

The first in Japan! Diapers containing *organic cotton!

*On top sheet of major disposable baby diapers in Japan. Unicharm research in March 2016.

Soft and snug, with no worries about leakage from gaps 1

moony (Tape type)
moonyman (Pants type)

moony/moonyman, "a design for babies" which is full of features made to fit each stage of baby's development.

Tape type

Pants type

Makes potty training fun for parents and children!

Trepanman (for potty training)

Feels 10 times* wetter without leaking

Trepanman (for potty training)

*Compared to other Unicharm products

Nighttime diaper with peace of mind until morning!

Oyasumiman (nighttime diaper)

Absorbs 8 urinations*

No leaks until morning

Oyasumiman (nighttime diaper)

*Amount of single urination - L size: 50 cc | XL size and bigger: 70 cc | XXL size: 80 cc

Even after absorption, diaper does not become heavy so it won't slip off.

moony Swimming Pants

Stool blocking gathers block sudden stools!

The most soft breast pads and postpartum pads for mothers

Products designed for mothers

For the delicate skin in the lactational period.

Full of creativities that are gentle for new moms

Keep your babies clean

Baby Wipes & wet tissues

moony’s wipes let you choose tenderness for your babies with material options such as “for softness” and “easy to wipe”

Diapers that fit low birth weight babies

Moony for NICU

Made for the most delicate of babies, these disposable diapers are appropriate for infant care using positioning posture care.

Moony for NICU

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