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moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

Suitable for babies up to 3000 g just right!
Aiming for zero leaks from gaps

Size Chart

Weight Product Baby Stage
Birth to 3kg
moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)




Birth to 5kg
moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 5000g)

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 5000g)




moony (Tape type) S size

moony (Tape type) S size

Kicking legs stage

Kicking legs stage


moony (Tape type) M size

moony (Tape type) M size

Roll over , Sitting and crawling stage

Roll Over and Sitting stage

Loose and Soft stool

moony (Tape type) L size

moony (Tape type) L size

Standing, walks unsteadily

Standing, walks unsteadily


Designed to perfectly fit babies up to 3000g!

Perfect fit guards against leaks by preventing gaps!

Population by birth weight

*"Vital Statistics"(2012), Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

About half of babies weigh less than 3000 g when they are born.

Some 47% of babies are born below 3,000g.

In addition, babies lose weight soon after birth. Because of this, even if born at 3,000g, for several days he/she will be under 3,000g.

Select from 2 sizes!

Such a big difference in diaper size, with weight difference.

For example, if we put a "newborn baby–5,000g" diaper on a baby born at 2,700g…

Newborn–up to 5,000g

Loose, baggy diapers slide off,

making leaks a worry.

Newborn–up to 3,000g

if we put a "Newborn (Birth to 3000g)" diaper on...
Look! It fits perfectly!

*Some of the designs may differ from the actual product

Secrets to softness against the skin

Additive-free and mildly acidic

Additive-free and mildly acidic

The 4 components (petroleum-derived oil, fragrance, latex, and synthetic coloring) are additive-free.

Feels soft against the skin

Tested for allergens*

*We can't guarantee that

all children will not have an allergic reaction.

Tested for allergens*

Materials that are friendly for the baby’s skin

Because it directly touch your delicate baby.

The inside of a diaper…

Uses additive-free and mildly acidic material.

This product was designed with an emphasis on having a gentle touch to the skin and providing peace of mind.

This is because diapers are constantly in contact with your precious baby's skin!

Gentle and pleasant feel, additive-free and mildly acidic sheets

Even if you pee, it will flow into the absorber, so the surface will be smooth.

Like being cradled in a mom’s arms, a baby feels comfortable in moony.

moony makes babies and moms happy.

\Absolutely/ no leaks!

\Absolutely/ no leaks!☆

Reasons that even first-time moms and dads can trust

Secrets to more peace of mind

To consider newborns' bodies,

we have added a navel cut-out area for the damp navel area!

The navel area is cut into an arched shape so you can put the diaper on without it touching the damp navel area.

Navel area is worry-free, Navel cut-out area doesn't touch the navel

Diaper features

Of course, it is full of all features that are needed for diaper.

Dry and prevents dampness

The full ventilation sheet keeps the baby's bottom dry even if the baby is hot and sweating.

Prevents dampness, Dry full ventilation sheet

Has notification signs that tell you when to change the diaper

If there is urine, the line changes to a blue-green color, so you can quickly tell when to change the diaper.

At a glance, It's easy to tell when to change the diaper Notification signs

Flexible tape is soft on the skin

Material is soft on your baby's skin and the smooth design keeps fingers from catching on anything.

Soft on the skin, Flexible tape


* An example of designs