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moony (Tape type) M size

moony (Tape type) M size

Plush and snug fit to prevent leaks!
Fits around your baby's bottom in a rounded fit

  • Super 3D shape fits to your baby's bone structure to prevent leaks
  • Stretchy fit gathers in the back fit to your baby's back to prevent leaks as well
  • Flexible stretch gathers fit gently around your baby's thighs
  • Absorbs twice as much instantly with the instant absorption sheet for a leak-free diaper

Size Chart

Weight Product Baby Stage
Birth to 3kg
moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)




Birth to 5kg
moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 5000g)

moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 5000g)




moony (Tape type) S size

moony (Tape type) S size

Kicking legs stage

Kicking legs stage


moony (Tape type) M size

moony (Tape type) M size

Roll over , Sitting and crawling stage

Roll Over and Sitting stage

Loose and gooery

moony (Tape type) L size

moony (Tape type) L size

Standing, walks unsteadily

Standing, walks unsteadily


Rounded fit that is not overly tight

Fit to baby's C-shaped body

It is natural that babies’ body shape is round

When a baby is first born, its body (back bone) is naturally curved like when it was in mother's womb. However it will gradually become straight during their development, especially when baby starts to walk.

It can wrap baby's body and fit perfectly to body's curve.

Tightening on the waist of toddler baby has been lessen! Gently wrap!

The world's first!*
The secret of the round shape is…
darts and stretchable sheets at the back and the crotch part!

These are

A Darts

B Stretchable sheets

at the back and the crotch part

At some part of the back and the crotch, thinned absorbent pad has been made into dart shape.

By using highly stretchable material together with darts, diapers automatically becomes three-dimensional and round. This is the secret that they roundly fit babies' curled backs and their movements.

*1 A structure to make a disposable diaper three-dimensional with the stretchy sheets on the waist and crotch and the seam at the absorber.

*2 According to the study of tape-type baby disposable diapers from major global diaper brands, conducted by Unicharm Corporation in September 2012.

The secret of moony Air Fit

Soft and perfectly snug

From which part leakage occurs the most?

80% of diaper leakage is caused by gaps!

Two main areas of leakage gaps among few-months-old babies are back and thighs!

*From Unicharm research on tape-type disposable diapers

The point to prevent leakage from gaps is two types of gather!

Stretchable Gather can cover around back

The point is that the whole back part is fully stretchable☆

Flexible stretch gather

Stretchy fit to babies who start walking. Comfortable for toddling or walking.

moony is very comfortably soft and gentle.

Because it directly touch your delicate baby.

The inside of a diaper…

Air silky material, with fibers as fine as silk, is used in the inner sheet that comes into direct contact with the baby's skin. The diapers are now even gentler on the skin.

When a baby urine, the air silky material brings liquid into the absorbent pad instantly, so the surface remains dry.

The inside of a diaper…

Touch and feel♪

The secret of a soft touch is that it is made in a quilting form♬

Like being cradled in a mom’s arms, a baby feels comfortable in moony.

moony makes babies and moms happy.

Instant-absorbing sheets means no worries about leaking!

Compared to other flat surface materials!

moony Surface Absorption Test Video 60 seconds

Compared to flat surface materials produced by other companies, research by Unicharm

Diaper features

Of course, it is full of all features that are needed for diaper.

Absorbs urine effectively

Absorb urine for up to 12 hours*.

*The amount of urine differs from baby to baby. This is a rough indication of the amount of urine the diaper can absorb, not an indication of the length of time diaper can be used.

Stays dry with leak prevention

Babies have higher body temperatures and tend to sweat a lot, but the sheet keeps their bottoms dry

There is indicator so we can know timing of diaper change

The indicator line will change into bluish green color, so you can know when to change diaper.

Gentle to the skin

Soft tape

Materials that are friendly for the baby’s skin & Stepless design for no stuck fingers


* An example of designs