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Natural moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

Natural moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

Natural Moony, Japan's first* organic cotton sheet diaper, has largely been improved!

  • With soft skin touch “organic cotton containing surface sheets”, no need to worry about delicate babies’ skin.
  • “Additive-free(#) & mildly acidic” sheets gently wrap around babies’ skin.
  • Wavy absorbing zone catches loose stools thoroughly, reducing one of the skin rash causes from loose stools and brings relief to babies' skin.

*When compared to recognized disposable diaper brands in Japan in regards to surface sheets. From Unicharm's March 2016 research

# The 4 ingredients (petroleum, fragrance, latex, and synthetic coloring) are made without any additives

Size Chart

Weight Product Baby Stage
Birth to 3kg
Natural moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)

Natural moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 3000g)




Birth to 5kg
Natural moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 5000g)

Natural moony (Tape type) Newborn (Birth to 5000g)




Natural moony (Tape type) S size

Natural moony (Tape type) S size

Kicking legs stage

Kicking legs stage


Natural moony (Tape type) M size

Natural moony (Tape type) M size

Roll over , Sitting and crawling stage

Roll Over and Sitting stage

Loose and gooery

Natural moony (Tape type) L size

Natural moony (Tape type) L size

Standing, walks unsteadily

Standing, walks unsteadily


Designed for babies1

The first in Japan!* Surface sheet containing organic cotton

Additive-free & mildly acidic sheets make diapers gentle and hypoallergenic.

Compared to our previous product,

fluffiness increased by as much as 20%.

Organic cotton is contained in the surface sheets of the diapers, which makes babies comfortable as if in mom's hands! It has a soft touch to the skin, so no need to worry about delicate babies’ skin.

*On surface sheets of major disposable baby diapers in Japan. Unicharm research in March 2016.

Designed for babies2

Additive-free* & mildly acidic sheet

If urine and stools are in constant contact with the baby's skin, the skin becomes alkaline and more sensitive to stimulus. The surface sheet that is additive-free* & mildly acidic just as the baby's skin gently wraps around their skin.

*Petroleum-based oil free.

While the surface pH of the adult's skin is kept mildly acidic, the baby's skin is almost neutral and more prone to skin troubles. Mildly acidic products make it easier to protect their skin from the stimulus caused by urine and stools.

The skin mechanism

Designed for babies3

New and improved! Just roll up the rompers! 3 notification strips allow you to check the diaper's wetness without having to undo any extra buttons.

Designed for babies4

New and improved!

Includes 3 types of plant-derived oils*

Also made with materials that are gentle on your baby's delicate skin

*Olive oil, jojoba oil, and rice oil

Designed for babies5

Absorbing loose stool zone*

It catches loose stools thoroughly without spreading them

*L size does not have this feature

Of course,
the breathability that moms worry about is great too

Natural moony has great breathability, so babies’ buttocks are dry and comfortable♪

*Experiment video that shows steam passing through a sheet (back sheet) of Natural moony.

We have compared
a generic diaper with Natural moony.

*Newborn/S/M sizes are considered.

*Compared with our previous product

Diaper features

Of course, it is full of all features that are needed for diaper.

Made in a "Fit All Position" construction

Just pull up the diaper and it will fit automatically!

Entirely soft touch is fluffy on the skin.

Achieved improved softness of the parts that are on the outside of the diapers that touch skin.

With the 'navel cut', it's easy on infected navels!

The navel part is cut arched, so the diaper does not touch the infected navel when wearing them.

Gentle to the skin with flexible tapes

Materials that are gentle to babies’ skin & bump-less design where fingers are not caught.

Prevent dampness and stays dry

Even the babies with high body temperature and tends to be sweating a lot, this diaper can keep their bottom dry because of its fully breathble sheet.

Botanical design

6 types in total

・Designs are just examples.